Gloo's all-new Forms Extensions+ for Elementor

Forms Extensions+ is a subsegment of SuperGloo Addons all centered around pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved with Elementor Forms. 

SuperGloo‘s Forms Extensions make front-end submission an easily achievable reality. Not just that: expand your options when it comes to CRMs and other business software integration.

Forms Extensions+ comes with all the power of SuperGloo Addons and more, giving you the ability to create any kind of Elementor form with ease.

Forms Extensions+'s flagship features.

This Add-on pack features 20+, always up-to-date and growing extensions all about centralizing all your Form needs within a single pack, without needing to resort to installing multiple plugins that only help you put in place a single one of the 20+ feats Gloo allows you to do.

Forms Extensions+ can be thought of as having two main groups of features, one group entirely focused on what happens on your WordPress website, and the other all about seamlessly and easily passing data to your favorite CRMs and external software suites.

Frontend Post Submission and Editing

Representing the first group of features, Frontend Post Submission does exactly what it says on the label. Turn your forms into frontend text editors for your users to submit entire new posts and pages with, and thanks to other Forms Extensions+ features, you can add fields like the WYSIWYG Form Field, the Image Cropping UI field, and many more, to always give yourself and your users maximum control over what gets submitted.

Frontend User Registration and Editing

Just like posts, you can create entire new users and edit their data through Elementor Forms, and even create your own custom login page thanks to this feature.

Repeater Form Field

Let your users submit as many user-controlled items through your forms by turning an entire field into a repeater, collecting each input without a hitch.

CRM and other software suites integration.

The second group of Form Extensions+ features is all about making your forms the perfect bridge between your website and any other software you might be using.

ActiveTrail, Zoho CRM, SalesForce, PowerLink and other CRMs can now easily draw your data from your Forms, removing the need for tailored, extremely expensive single-feature plugins that only integrate a single one of these softwares.

These are only few of the extensions available with Forms Extensions+. Check them all out here, and watch a video overview of them here

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